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SAP Litigation: In a Digital World, You Need Business Attorneys Who Understand SAP

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In a world increasingly driven by data, it is indispensable for small businesses to be secure in their SAP software—and in the knowledge that their legal team understands this business-critical technology.

What Is SAP?

SAP stands for “Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing” Also called Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, SAP software seeks to improve business functionality, profit, and customer relationships by centralizing all of a company’s information, coming from multiple departments, into one information system. This allows all departments and employees to have situational awareness of the company’s data and activities at any given moment, such as providing real-time inventory tracking.

SAP takes its name with the first company to produce such software, the Germany-based SAP SE. In much the same way that “Google” has gone from a brand-name search engine to a generic term for the act of Internet searching, so too has the brand name “SAP” come to stand for all ERP software products.  Other IT giants such as Microsoft and Oracle also produce ERP/SAP software, but many smaller or boutique tech firms sell their own tailored, industry-specific products.

The Legal Liabilities that Come With SAP

 With SAP software being so critical to running a business, losing access to that software, or being unable to update it, or even failure to implement it, can be the death knell of your small business dreams. In an example of the financial liability inherent to SAP software , a 2018 study estimated that half of all SAP implementations have failed, costing many millions of dollars and, doubtlessly, many careers.

The lawsuits that can arise out of SAP disputes are manifold: they can involve licensing; installation, implementation, and configuration; vendor, contractor, and employment contracts; investor/shareholder disputes; and many other aspects of business software.

We Provide Proven Legal Representation in SAP Disputes

We speak the language of business software, especially SAP. Our firm has a proven track record in protecting our clients’ rights and interests, as demonstrated in favorable outcomes in multimillion-dollar, “Bet the Farm” SAP litigation cases.

As detailed in our Representative Case Summaries, when our small business SAP installation client was sued, we obtained a $1.2 settlement in the client’s favor. In addition to litigation involving all aspects of SAP, we handle breach-of-contract disputes, business fraud litigation, employment and Wage Act suits, insurance coverage litigation, litigation involving insurers and self-insureds, software and equipment lease disputes, and other forms of major commercial litigation affecting small businesses.

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We Protect Your Business and Your Rights

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