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Commercial and Business Insurance Claim Denials in Massachusetts

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As a business owner in Massachusetts, you have purchased different types of insurance coverage to protect your business. When an incident occurs and you file an insurance claim, you expect your claim to be accepted and compensation paid expeditiously so you can keep you business on track. However, too often, business insurance claims are denied or minimized by the insurance carrier putting the financial future of your business at risk.

Adverse coverage determinations by the misguided insurer can destroy your business and force you into potential lawsuits. We are seasoned insurance litigation lawyers with decades of experience litigating insurance law cases. We have filed dozens of Declaratory Judgment lawsuits against insurers, forcing them to provide the coverage and compensation due to you and your business. In fact, our law firm boldly convinced a wayward auto insurer to rescind its denial of coverage under a $2 million Umbrella policy, in under 2 weeks of negotiation. Our attorneys pointed out their mistake in assessing the policy with a “No Auto” exclusion, when it had never been requested or applied in 20 years of business with the customer. This result was a lifesaver for the distraught homeowners, who faced excess liability in a Massachusetts fatality case.

We pay meticulous attention to insurance law which is ever changing. Jantzen & Associates P.C. has litigated coverage disputes over the last three decades and can assist you, from initial demands for coverage through the filing of suit, to the trial of cases. Let our experienced counsel represent you and get you the insurance coverage that you paid for.

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We Protect Your Business and Your Rights

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